Elproma Electronics, Atomic DCF77 Clock


The Elproma DCF77N clock is developed to guarantee the exact time on LAN or stand-alone computer systems. The DCF77N clock system receives the radio signal which is transmitted by the DCF77 Atomic clock transmitter near Frankfurt in Germany. The time signal is based on the vibration frequency of the caesium atom. The accuracy is about 1 second in 300.000 years. The Elproma DCF77N clock receives this time signal and check whether the time frame is correct or not. Inside the DCF77N clock a system of 5 internal clocks ensure that the received time is the correct time. In this way improper received time signals can never disturb your computer time and the exact time is guaranteed. Even after 3 days without power and not receiving the DCF signal, the accurate time is guaranteed. From now on the accurate time is always available for your operating system and application programs. Special features include a low voltage alarm contact, a switched main

and relay contact output controlled by a programmable 7 day timer and a 24V slave clock output. The Elproma DCF77N clock has found its way in the market where exact time is essential. Amongst the many applications you will find: time registration systems, banking, stock exchange, transportation com- panies, airlines, research, broadcasting.
Synchronizes your server or PC time with the DCF-radiosignal. The DCF-signal is broadcasted by the to Amic-clock transmitter near to Frankfurt (Germany).
Signal quality indication on display
Equipped with a special multi-clock system to guarantee the exact time and date
Designed to function in systems which are performing time-related processes
Up to 3 days without power & without receiving the DCF-signal, the accurate time is guaranteed
The Elproma-DCF-clock has an attractive design and a LCD-display showing time, date, signal quality and relay status
Software included for DOS, Windows(All), Linux and Novell (NLM + software to set servertime from a workstation)
Fully documented software interface for integration in IBM, DEC, Sparc, Sillicon and other systems.
Timer driven mains output (230VAC, 8A max.) and low voltage relay contact with up to 8 switch times per day
Alarm contact (low voltage no/nc) for external warning if the time is not correct or no received DCF signal
Configurable with any standard terminal program through the serial port of your system.
Special functions connector (DB15HD) for large display (under development) and clock and timer relay
Supplied with external active antenna (For in- or outside mounting) with 5 meter cable and serial cable
Dimensions: 20 x 18,5 x 7,5 cm, Power 230V 50Hz 5W.
Multi Clock System
Server Support
Exact Time
Automatic Summer/Winter Time Correction
Slave clock output 24V.
Documented Interface
Alarm and timer relay outputs
Internal Power Supply 230V